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Banana Mango Icecream

Banana Mango Icecream
A most delicious treat. For dessert och just for comfort and joy, anytime.
  • A banana – sliced and frozen
  • A handful of diced mango – also frozen
  • A dash of coconut cream
  • A hint of vanilla

Mix together until creamy – if you don’t have a really powerful mixer, you need to let the banana and the mango be slightly soft.

Add some goji berries och cranberries to the icecream and serve with walnuts and coconut chips.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

Oh yes! A treat like this can do it!

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The last Ice cream of summer

The last Ice cream of summer

Ice cream made of strawberries and a banana. Mix while frozen of course. And make it quick! Otherwise it won’t be this creamy delicious saturday afternoon treat. (But a smoothie is also nice)

Hidden inside: goji berries which becomes crunchy, walnuts and some freshly squeezed lemon juice. I wish I had had some dried cranberries left in the cupboard to hide inside as well. Gives a lovely gooey chewey and a bit tarty pinch to the sweetness of the strawberries.

On top – sea buckthorn berries and some extra walnuts.




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Smoothie for the afternoon tea

Smoothie for the afternoon tea

Best served cold!

I don’t think a smoothie should consist of mostly some sweet fruit juice and pieces of sweetest imaginable fruits and berries. That isn’t healthy! That isn’t nutritious! That doesn’t make you satisfied for at least a couple of hours! On the contrary! The huge amount of sugar makes you hungry again even faster!

IMG_1391It isn’t necessary to add milk, yoghurt or ice-cream either – unless you want to, and doesn’t get ill from dairies.

And it isn’t necessary to add extra protein, hamp protein f.ex. – but you can if you want – adding nuts and seeds both gives you good protein and healthy fat. You can use any kind of fruits and berries you like and have available, so this is just my way of inspiring you!

In this smoothie I have:
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • A banana – (a must)
  • Some pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and almonds
  • Sea buckthorn berries
  • Lemonjuice
  • Coconut milk
  • Water
  • And It tastes really nice with some cinnamon or grained ginger in it as well
How to do it!

IMG_1390Puree the fruits and berries in some kind of food processor until smooth.

Add lemon juice, coconut milk and then fill up with cold water ’til you get a creamy beverage.

Or skip the water and eat it with a spoon! Like porridge! I usually do this for breakfast, and also add chia seeds which have been soaking in coconut milk + water and some vanilla for about half an hour* (or more). I don’t stir the gooey chia seeds into the smoothie, just put it on the top. It’s a delicious contrast between the sweet-tarty smoothie and the soft creamy seeds

Well! I don’t skip all the water when I have this for breakfast, I add some since the water helps keeping me satisfied longer. It also prolongs and lowers the effect the sugar has on the blood sugar, and therefore also the insulin respons. I think I without telling a lie, can say the water lowers the rate of GI**.

Sour, tarty ingredients lowers the GI. Weather you use lemon, apple cider vinegar or other sources. Use it either in what you cook, or drink lemon water. UUPS!!! Not sugary lemonade! Just plain water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar added.

*I tablespoon chia seeds to 1/2 dl coconutmilk and 1/2 dl water. I always buy the creamy, more fatty coconut milk, therefore the water. I have also tried almond milk which is equally delicious! But I make the milk myself. Almond milk from the store,  are mostly only water. Colored water. Read the labels!!!!! Not much almonds in there!

** GI = Glycemic Index – the rate of how fast different kind of food raises the blood sugar. White bread is set to 100, faster food = a higher digit, the more slowly the blodsugar rises, the lower digit.


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Strawberry Dream

Strawberry Dream

This is something I experimented with last summer. How to enjoy a non-diary ice cream / sorbet. Yes it’s possible! No milk, no cream, nothing at all coming from a cow!!!! O_o

And so easy to make!

A strawberry dream… Sweet, tasty and very refreshing…

Strawberry-dream-2This is how it’s done!
  • 1 banana, frozen in slices
  • 1 big handfull of strawberries, frozen but not as rocks
  • Goji berries
  • Cranberries
  • Walnuts

Mix the strawberries and the banana together. Make it quick and firm and you’ll get a smooth gooey clot.

Add hastily the goji berries and the cranberries, stir.
Add walnuts all over. Eat at once and enjoy! (It melts pretty fast.)

The goji berries become crisp in the ice cream, and the cranberries become chevy, taste sweet and a bit tart almost like lemon fudge. Mjummy!

And walnuts!Strawberry-dream-1
Walnuts are always walnuts

Oh my gosh! I want another one!



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