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A bike-tour along the … seaside?

Some photos from my biking tour yesterday; day three of my whole-grain, low-fat, plant-based diet trial.

Words & Pics

Lovely weather yesterday! I entered my bike and for a couple of hours I spent time in this huge “Forest park”, Pålsjö skog.

These photos are from a part of a much longer path called Kattegattleden. In total 370 km, from Helsingborg where I live, to Gothenburg, and following the coast line all the way, for walking and biking.

Here with all the beautiful, lovely trees and bushes, and here and there some open spots, it was almost impossible to see anything properly. And by “anything” I mean the seashore. I saw green, green, green… (Isn’t that wonderful? 😀 ) But here and there, between all the trees and bushes and flowers climbing the side of the ridge, were glimpses of water, and later on the road and some of the houses along its way.

This part through Helsingborg follows a ridge that rises up between 20 and 40 meters…

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Salad for lunch is a must

I really missed it yesterday – afterwards – not having salad for lunch. Though the Kitchari was really nice at the time I ate it.

So today, back to normal. Kidneybeans, quinoa, a beetroot,  kale… and more…


Day three

We have had a lovely day today, especially from morning till a couple of hours along the afternoon. Sunny and a very blue sky. Then it slowly started to be cloudy. Unfortunately it was blowing, but that didn’t stop me from putting myself on the bike and made quite a nice tour for 2 hours. Despite the time period it wasn’t a particularly long tour, it ended on 16 kilometers, but I had walked for 1,6 and only been sitting on a bench for like 5 minutes or so. Or maybe 10. And I took quite a lot of photos.

This was the longest tour I have made this year. Not the most kilometers I’ve made in the same day, but as one single tour.
I felt stronger, and it was somehow easier to bike today, than it has been since… I don’t know when. Since too long, anyway.

No protesting muscles anywhere, and no feelings afterwards like if my legs would give up under me, and no extreme tiredness. Back, hips, ass and legs felt almost as the old me, when I biked like 30 to 40 km and just felt good about it. So even if 16 km isn’t what I would call a long tour – not according to my preferences – it’s still a victory that I have come this far now.

After lunch I got tired though, but it felt only like a normal, healthy tiredness. Can this lovely and sudden enhancement in strength and endurance be due to this diet? Probably too early to draw any assured conclusions, but I think I easily could bet on that – and win.

Usually – and mostly – I have salad for lunch. Today after my 2 hours in the woods, I didn’t feel like cutting and dicing a lot of veggies. I wanted something warm and gooey. Something comforting and easy to cook. Decided to make myself a bowl of kitchari. Simply speaking – Ayurvedic (Indian) risotto!

I cheated, often do that when I make kitchari. I cook basmati rice with the same amount of red lentils (should be mung dal), and I spiced it with yellow curry mix, instead of grounding this, and that, and that. But I added some extra turmeric and ginger. One can use any vegetable one likes to this – or none – but I added 2 small potatoes cut in pieces. Lazy cook today…

Then it just has to cook in water (of course!) until really well done, soft and gooey. And don’t forget some salt in the end.
So! Warm, comforting and simple to cook!

Then, I placed myself on the sofa for a while, and later in the afternoon I spent time on the patio reading.

As I said! A very lovely day!

And here: A Kitchari-recipe from

Two days

Two days have gone with this new way of eating and I feel good!
Actually very good!

The first meals I had with this low-fat/no-animal-food, I was hungry sooner after eating then I was used to. But with more beans and starch – like rise or quinoa – I keep satisfied even longer than I used to.

Dinner to night – a warm quinoa chickpea sallad.

I warmed this in a frying pan – without oil or butter. 😀
  • Some red bell pepper – diced
  • One tomato – diced
  • Maize
  • Green peas
  • Chickpeas
  • One small clove of garlic – finely chopped
  • Quinoa – cooked yesterday
  • Some lemon juice, and lemon pepper – (take it easy on that one)
  • Some oregano and parsley
  • Had to have a pinch of seasalt as well

Just toss the ingredients around in the pan until everything is nice and warm – it doesn’t have to be actually cooked. Other then the quinoa and the chickpeas of course, and that you can do beforehand and store in the fridge or freezer until you need it.

Finally! Serve on a bed of green leaves.


Also it feels so calm and well-balanced in my stomach, and it defininetely is okay for me now to eat oats again. I’m so glad about that, since it simplyfies my eating a lot. In bread and cakes, porridge, müsli. It’s so good and it so benefits the body.
The trickiest is to get used to not use any oil or butter. But not worse than I can handle it.

I’m so glad I got the impuls to do this finally – not only think I ought to do something about my eating habits, and also glad for my decision to actually follow this through. 😀

Thanks also to the pep I get from visiting sites, and watching movies and videos on Youtube that help me learn more, and keep me going for this,

Movies that you can watch on Netflix are f.ex:
  • Forks over Knives;
  • Engine2Kitchen rescue;
  • What the Health;
  • Foodmatters;
  • Fat, Sick and nearly Dead, 1 and 2;
  • Cowspiracy
  • and more…

This is so scaring!

It’s so utterly sad, that our world, our societies, has come to this. It’s evolving in the wrong direction!
We are devolving – when we can’t take care of ourselves and our children properly, to stay healthy and keep on staying healthy!.

And you, who are managing those Big-Food, Big-Pharma, et cetera, corporations that profit on this… and I don’t mean only the sugar-business …SHAME ON YOU!

The last supper

Well, the last dinner with eggs anyway. Some kind of pancake-omelette thing, and afterwards I almost regretted choosing that for dinner. It would have been much tastier to have those two eggs in some kind of cake instead.

But now all eggs are gone! For ever? Probably. But I only plan for these first three weeks now. Three weeks with only low fat, high carb food – and see what happens. How I feel.

I’m planning on writing a bit more properly about what this way of eating actually means. I can’t just pop in videos about it, even though that helps a lot. And it certainly helps me a lot to keep on being pepped and to get recipes and such.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I wanted to sit on the patio to write a blogpost, but my MaxBookPro needed a recharge so I brought the iPad instead. And I wrote! A medium long post, I would say. And I added a photo. All that went well. Then I added a featured image – and the wordpress app chrashed!!!

The entire post just vanished since wordpress has no automatic savings for the app.

I knew I hated to use the app for writing and publishing posts. Do it very rarely, and every time there is something….. that makes me irritated or even cross. This time I got really, really cross, since it was a good post!

Should I delete that app or not…

And doesn’t this looks really good. I took a screen clip from Forks over Knives on Instagram. They hav sooooo many delicious recipes! And good information
Do pay them a visit on their homepage:

What’s up, Doc?

One image says more than 1000 words, they say. So, what does a whole video say!
The right movie – a whole lot of important things, actually.
And thank Godness! There are quite many right things said, out there.

Makes you think, ehhh?

Getting afraid?

The movement towards a (more) plantbased eating is scaring the hell out of those industries that earns money on us who are hooked on these drugs that makes you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is another eye-opening movie you can watch on Netflix).

Of course they don’t want us to go vegan! They’ll do anything and everything to keep the money-flow in to their pockets! But milk, cheese et cetera is NOT good for your heart! And you don’t get calcium that way either. Your body is unable to process that calcium and benefit from it.

Drugs? Yes! Dairy products, especially cheese since it’s highly concentrated, contains not only these fatty, salty, gooey tastes that we find so delicious and unresistable, but also hormones and something called casomorphines which is highly addictive.

This is not only good, it’s necessary when it comes to babies feeding, whether it’s a human baby or a calf. They have to eat, sleep and prosper, and are weaned in due time. Or is supposed to, but instead we humans jump to cows milk. We are actually feeding from cows! Can it be worse?

And I’m sure of, that you some time or another have been drinking warm milk at night to be able to fall asleep!

Watch these videos about Dairy products: here and here

The perils of Dairy

More cheese, anyone?

The dangers of cheese

Dairy-products – cheese et cetera – is that the worst, the most unnecessary, the most dangerous of them all?


Nature’s calling

During the past week I’ve been occupying myself looking for information about how health relates to food. Since the acupuncture treatment tumbles me around (and not only my body), I felt I also had to update my food habits.

This isn’t the first time I occupy myself with the concept of food and health. It has always been an interest of mine. And I don’t eat badly! But is it enough? Do I eat well enough!

I am hypersensitive to gluten, wheat and such which I haven’t even touched for almost 20 years. I can’t eat dairy products either, and rarely cheat. And if I cheat, then only with a dash of creme fraiche/sour cream. I never ever cheat by eating cheese. (Milk is for the calves, and should absolutely not be consumed by humans. It’s not good for us!)

But that isn’t the main reason why I now turn to eat only plant based, I do that because I find that a low fat vegan diet is the best way to keep healthy and at the same time don’t unnecessarily waste the resources we have on this earth.
Plus! I think plant based food tastes so much better, and makes me feel satisfied in a much more comforting way! My stomach loves it! My body loves it!

I am already almost vegan, and have been for quite some time. I still do eat meet or fish once in a while, mostly when I visit someone and don’t have much of an alternative, but at home my weakness is that I still eat a lot of eggs. And probably too much butter.

So this week I’ve spent a lot of time in front of movies on Netflix like ” What the Health!”, ”Fat, sick and nearly dead”, ”Forks over knives”, ”Foodmatters” and others like them. I also have been watching a lot of videos on Youtube, and all this is very pepping and inspiring.

And all these doctors that actually has knowledge about how important the choice of Food is for the Health! Can’t say I’m used to that. On the contrary. Doctors in general know almost nothing about vitamins and minerals, about fat and protein, and how that affekts the health. But on the internet we can listen to Caldwell Esselstyne, Rip Esselstyne, Neil Barnard, John MacDougall and many more. It’s wonderful to see and hear all these engaged and competent people.

I had difficulties which video to choose, but you know… once you’ve started…

All these guys can talk and and write about this much better then I can. Especially today, well this week, I have had som some trouble concentrate on writing. Despite my lack of words right now, I’m not a total beginner when it comes to healthy eating. I already know a lot about how all this works.

What my personal challenges are right now, is to learn more vegan cooking. I know about nutrition, I know what kind of food I should and should not eat, but I need more inspiration, more recipes, more variations of how to cook all the veggies, legumes and grains! As it is now, I get bored and feel like I only eat mixed sallads, lentil soups with chili and tomatoes, and bean casseroles.

I also need to get used to not having eggs in my fridge any longer (there are only two more to go now…), and also want to learn more about how to prepare food without frying in butter. As a starter I have ordered a rice-cooker (on internet) where you also can steam vegetables. At the same time as the rice is cooking. That’s good!

It will take some times to get used to less fat, and how to spice the food differently. Not so much salt any longer…
And for Vitamine B 12, (and other vitamins and minerals) I’ll start over again with Spirulina.

I know I’ll write more about this topic from time to time. It’s so huge, and there is so much more to tell, but for now it seems like my thoughts can’t quite grasp the issue. Or the words. I’ve been working on this draft like forever…

What I didn’t know, is that I should start to write about nutrition in this blog, about food-matters! And in English! (not my native language…)

But I doubt this will be the only topic this blog will be moving around in… call me versatile…