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Simple enough – kidney- & brown beans with tomatoes, garlic, onion, sweet bell pepper, maize and Panang red curry paste, on a bed of mixed greens and basmati rice.


Oven-roasted veggies with green pea and kale mash

Most veggies get delicious when roasted in the oven. No oil is needed, and you can spice whith whatever you like.

The green peas and the kale are mashed together in a mixer, and spiced to taste with grinded horseradish and seasalt. You might need a dash of water and oil to make it a bit smoother. 

Chickpea pancakes

Todays lunch… 

So! I’ve started to cook after a recipe! But I changed it a little bit, since I didn’t have all the ingredients. I don’t have garlic powder and onion powder. I have garlic and I have onions. So I chopped some of that and added to the batter together with mushrooms. Also chopped. Why do two things when you can do one only! 

The main ingredients here are chickpea flour and nutritional yeast. I wasn’t too keen on the taste at first, because of the yeast, but soon I got used to it. Maybe thanks to the mango lime chutney. šŸ˜‰ But I’ll make these again. Absolutely! šŸ‘

I ate two of them for lunch, the smaller ones, and got so full I was satisfied for several hours. I like that kind of food, that keeps me satisfied for a long time. Think I’ll have the left-over for breakfast tomorrow. With a banana.

The original recipe I found on Forks over Knives, the app. Or on:

Apropos recipes

Forks over Knives has a really good App with recipes. Search for it directly om App Store or via their homepage:

Costs a bit to buy, but not much at all. And is well worth the money.

I contemplate

For several days now, I have written this post – in my mind. AND as a couple of drafts. AND every time the post never stops! Words, words, words! Now I’ll try once more, let it be what it will be!!

Total vegan for one week now, well! – and a half… How has it been? How is it going?

The first days I felt energised. I walked and biked a bit more intense than usual for a couple of days, tried to weed between the stones on my patio – and then I crushed. I had overdone the exercising thing. But I think that weeding my tiny garden was the great fall. My back and around the hip got really, really stiff. Feels like big knots all over me. If a back can be uptight – then my back is!

However, that has nothing to do with eating vegan food, has it? And I couldn’t help but thinking – was that increased energy a mere coincidence? I have had bad days and good days before!

On the whole, I still consider eating vegan is a good thing to do, but there are some “buts” for me.

I have not lost any weight this week. Probably due to the fact I was almost-vegan from begin with. I can’t eat dairy-products without a protesting stomach so cheese and such, I haven’t had for years. I do get a lot of fruit and veggies, get the fibers I need, and when possible I choose organic. I’m used to, and love, to eat beans, lentils, green peas et cetera. Occasionally and rarely, I eat some meat or fish. I avoid eating processed food and never touch white refined sugar. Rarely, really rarely, I buy some cookie or have a piece of ordinary chocolate that is sugary, and I always think it’s way too sweet, but since I can’t eat wheat or anything at all with gluten, those occasions seldom occurs. I bake my own bread, cakes and cookies.

So what I had to do, was mainly to cut down on fat in general, skip butter and oils, and skip the eggs. I realized I eat too many eggs, and add too much fat in my cooking and baking. Also for the fat-reason I thought I had to cut down on nuts and seeds I also need to flearn mora how to cook the vegan way.

Total vegan is good, but here are some “buts” for me.

Since I can’t eat wheat or anything else with gluten, and vegans seem to eat quite a lot of wheat in different ways, I’m quite constrained by this. There are alternatives, but they don’t behave the same way as wheat when you cook and bake. And they are expensive!!! Many of the alternatives are really, really expensive compared to wheat!!! And Ibe a little limited economically as well. You see, if the alternative choices cost from twice to ten times more than the wheat (or even more sometimes), you just can’t stuff yourself with bread, pizza, pasta et cetera.

The cost of ordinary rice and maize/corn is reasonable, thank goodness. And now I won’t go into what kind of fruits and vegetables are available here, and what they cost. I’m tempted, but… Let’s just say, we can’t pick ripe avocados, pineapples, or mangos from the trees. Just to name a few.

So I ate as well as possible. Lots of veggies, tubers, rice and fruit. However, I soon got the feeling I stuffed myself with too much bread etc, though I actually didn’t. My stomach felt more than filled with that and not in a pleasant way. It was like a constant bread-taste in the mouth. After some time I was also bored to death with almost only eating beans for protein. Beans! Beans! Beans! I love beans, but not two-three times a day – every day!

I missed the eggs, but not even half as much as I missed being able to fry something in butter for dinner. One day I made bean-burgers in the oven. They were, honestly speaking, totally awful! I normally have one or two eggs in the batter, and then fry them in butter in an ordinary frying-pan. And they always taste really delicious!

I also got freaked out on having to cut down on the nuts and seeds. I got a bit… eh… paranoic (not the exact word I sought, but…), my mind twirled around with “did I add too many cashews in the salad now” and such… had difficulty to let that go.

Despite the fact I stuffed my stomach with volumes of valuable food – I got hungry quite soon after a meal. I kind of felt full and hungry at the same time! And it seemed like I cooked more! I didn’t want THAT to happen! I don’t like to spend that much time in front of the stove, and I hate the amount of dirty dishes it produces. Pots and pans, plates and spoons… ick! Icky-ick! (One reason why I like the idea of Raw Food. And I like salads)

The nice thing about this trial of mine, is that I realized (re-realized) that I actually eat healthy already. I admit I could reduce the amount of fat I use, and the number of eggs I eat, but I don’t have to leave them out of my diet totally! And I shouldn’t BOTHER about almonds and cashews and pumpkinseeds and sunflower seeds… Bothering and worrying about stuff is the worst thing one can do. That, can really hurt your health.

Yes! I’m going back to where I were. Almost vegan. After all, I have no diabetes, heart-issues or anything like that. I’m a little bit overweight – but not obese. On the whole, I’m healthy and don’t eat any medications. No drugs! (Did I mention I don’t smoke nor drink alcohol either?)

But if you are ill in someway, if you depend on daily doses of medicine to “stay on your own legs”, you really should consider going totally vegan. Maybe start with a juicing period? Or would it be easier to go slowly?

Check out the movie “Fat, sick and nearly dead” on Netflix. And there are others there on this topic. Really insightful ones!

The stiff muscles? I’m working on that issue.


all good things can happen

link to article if you click on the image above


Salad for lunch is a must

I really missed it yesterday – afterwards – not having salad for lunch. Though the Kitchari was really nice at the time I ate it.

So today, back to normal. Kidneybeans, quinoa, a beetroot, Ā kale… and more…


Getting afraid?

The movement towards a (more) plantbased eating is scaring the hell out of those industries that earns money on us who are hooked on these drugs that makes you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is another eye-opening movie you can watch on Netflix).

Of course they don’t want us to go vegan! They’ll do anything and everything to keep the money-flow in to their pockets! But milk, cheese et cetera is NOT good for your heart! And you don’t get calcium that way either. Your body is unable to process that calcium and benefit from it.

Drugs? Yes! Dairy products, especially cheese since it’s highly concentrated, contains not only these fatty, salty, gooey tastes that we find so delicious and unresistable, but also hormones and something called casomorphines which is highly addictive.

This is not only good, it’s necessary when it comes to babies feeding, whether it’s a human baby or a calf. They have to eat, sleep and prosper, and are weaned in due time. Or is supposed to, but instead we humans jump to cows milk. We are actually feeding from cows! Can it be worse?

And I’m sure of, that you some time or another have been drinking warm milk at night to be able to fall asleep!

Watch these videos about Dairy products:Ā here and here

Nature’s calling

During the past week Iā€™ve been occupying myself looking for information about how health relates to food. Since the acupuncture treatment tumbles me around (and not only my body), I felt I also had to update my food habits.

This isnā€™t the first time I occupy myself with the concept of food and health. It has always been an interest of mine. And I donā€™t eat badly! But is it enough? Do I eat well enough!

I am hypersensitive to gluten, wheat and such which I haven’t even touched for almost 20 years. I can’t eat dairy products either, and rarely cheat. And if I cheat, then only with a dash of creme fraiche/sour cream. I never ever cheat by eating cheese. (Milk is for the calves, and should absolutely not be consumed by humans. It’s not good for us!)

But that isnā€™t the main reason why I now turn to eat only plant based, I do that because I find that a low fat vegan diet is the best way to keep healthy and at the same time donā€™t unnecessarily waste the resources we have on this earth.
Plus! I think plant based food tastes so much better, and makes me feel satisfied in a much more comforting way! My stomach loves it! My body loves it!

I am already almost vegan, and have been for quite some time. I still do eat meet or fish once in a while, mostly when I visit someone and donā€™t have much of an alternative, but at home my weakness is that I still eat a lot of eggs. And probably too much butter.

So this week Iā€™ve spent a lot of time in front of movies on Netflix like ā€ What the Health!ā€, ā€Fat, sick and nearly deadā€, ā€Forks over knivesā€, ā€Foodmattersā€ and others like them. I also have been watching a lot of videos on Youtube, and all this is very pepping and inspiring.

And all these doctors that actually has knowledge about how important the choice of Food is for the Health! Canā€™t say Iā€™m used to that. On the contrary. Doctors in general know almost nothing about vitamins and minerals, about fat and protein, and how that affekts the health. But on the internet we can listen to Caldwell Esselstyne, Rip Esselstyne, Neil Barnard, John MacDougall and many more. Itā€™s wonderful to see and hear all these engaged and competent people.

I had difficulties which video to choose, but you know… once you’ve started…

All these guys can talk and and write about this much better then I can. Especially today, well this week, I have had som some trouble concentrate on writing. Despite my lack of words right now, I’m not a total beginner when it comes to healthy eating. I already know a lot about how all this works.

What my personal challenges are right now, is to learn more vegan cooking. I know about nutrition, I know what kind of food I should and should not eat, but I need more inspiration, more recipes, more variations of how to cook all the veggies, legumes and grains! As it is now, I get bored and feel like I only eat mixed sallads, lentil soups with chili and tomatoes, and bean casseroles.

I also need to get used to not having eggs in my fridge any longer (there are only two more to go now…), and also want to learn more about how to prepare food without frying in butter. As a starter I have ordered a rice-cooker (on internet) where you also can steam vegetables. At the same time as the rice is cooking. That’s good!

It will take some times to get used to less fat, and how to spice the food differently. Not so much salt any longer…
And for Vitamine B 12, (and other vitamins and minerals) I’ll start over again with Spirulina.

I know I’ll write more about this topic from time to time. It’s so huge, and there is so much more to tell, but for now it seems like my thoughts can’t quite grasp the issue. Or the words. I’ve been working on this draft like forever…

What I didn’t know, is that I should start to write about nutrition in this blog, about food-matters! And in English! (not my native language…)

But I doubt this will be the only topic this blog will be moving around in… call me versatile…


Vegan bolognese

Lot’s of things goes very well together. LikeĀ ordinaryĀ spaghetti withĀ tomato sauce. Simple enough!Ā If that doesn’t go well together – what does? And thisĀ sauce is done in less then 10 minutes.

This particularĀ sauce is made of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)Ā andĀ tomatoes, oneĀ can or small carton of each, and spices.

I used: red chilipaste, tomato paste, garlic – fried this gently in some butter
Added the tomatoes and the chickpeas, some broth, oregano..
Then just boil, mix, and spice it enogh to your own taste.

At the end IĀ added some fresh spinach and spiced it to taste with som salt, a dash of apple cider vinegar, and lemonpeppar…
And some extra water (if needed)…

Then I enjoyed this course with gluten free spaghetti. And had a refill…


More about Oregano and its health benefits –

after what I’ve read, it even helps the body to detox from being exposed to mold and its toxins, like if you have lived in a moldyĀ home. For specific health use there is Oregano oil, but I thinkĀ adding oregano in food also gives a positive health influense. It will take longer time, but doesn’t taste as sharf. In fact! It really tastes good!

Chocolate Chia Pudding

I have always loved chocolate! And when I got the idea to add cocoa-powder to the chiapudding – I did so! And it became sooooooooo delicious!

To one serving (well…) you’ll need:
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • about 1,5 deciliter liquid – I always use the creamy coconut milk so I had half of that and half water. Later you’ll need a bit more coconut milk.
  • a dash of vanilla
  • some ginger (optional)

Blend this together and let soak for at least 45 minutes. Stir at least once while soaking so there will be no lumps. Ā After soaking, add – and this might be difficult –

  • oneĀ heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder – or more if you’re really keen on chocolate
  • coconut milk/cream – and that’s the tricky part. NOT. TOO. MUCH.

The cocoa powder soaks up the coconut cream, but since you want this pudding to be rather firm, not rinny, add just a little at a time. Probably you just have to add something like a tablespoon. But if the pudding anyway becomes too rinny, you can always add some more cocoa powder. … hehe… me chocolate lover…

You can, if you want, spice the pudding with f.ex. ginger, cinnamon, chili, lemon zest, orange zest… or anything else of your liking.
Perhaps not all spices at the same time though…


When serving the pudding, put it in a glas, bowl or cup of some sort. Then add:

  • Mango cubes
  • Strawberries
  • Drizzle hemp seeds on the top and
  • Some extra coconut cream

And ofcourse, you can add any berries and/or fruit.

Only the imagination is the limit!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

… and I canĀ share this treat with a friend…