In this blog you can’t get recipes with any diary products or wheat.
There’re just a couple of them left  from the time I still tried to eat that.

äppleI’m a bad food blogger since I’m very conservative! I don’t know why! I just discovered that when I started to blog about food.
I eat the same kind of food over and over again. Eggs-something… lentil soups… chili… thai… chocolate… I love chocolate!

And I’m ridiculously bad when it comes to write down the ingredients and make a recipe of it.
Not a good thing for a foodblogger…

I have neither beautiful china nor expensive table clothes either…

äppleI love beans and lentils, fruits and vegetables.
I eat a lot of eggs, chicken now and then and other meat mere rarely!

I’m still trying and trying, over and over again, to bake good bread without gluten – mostly it tastes very good, but often also fall into crumbles.

But müsli is okay… sometimes…

I’ve discovered how to make ice-cream without milk or cream…
And off course I want cakes, cookies and sweets once in a while.

So now I just have to start cooking…
and photographing…
and write recipes…

And one more thing!
I want the cooking to be quick and easy, and the food nutritious and delicious!
And all the recipes are for one person only  – unless I say something else.

Thank you for commenting!

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