Cooking rice

Whatever the diet my body may benefit the most from, I’ll never stop loving rice.
I also have a small kitchen, which always seems to be messed up with … everything! Well! At least with anything that is connected with food. (And with my 27 inch iMac).

I hate to do the dishes when there are pots and pans, and I actually hate cook in a way that needs pots and pans. In plural.

In an effort to make things easier for me I bought a Rice-cooker, and yesterday I tested it for the first time!


The rice tasted wonderful, and had perfect texture. I can also steam vegetables, AT THE SAME TIME,  and this first time I tried to steam some broccoli I had in the freezer. It was GOOD.

Apparently I can also use it to cook cereals, soups and steam vegetables only. I’ll certainly be using this cooker A LOT!

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