I won’t give up!

Nope! I won’t! I still aim towards at least 90% of total vegan.

I thought it would be easy, I only had to quit eggs, butter and oils, but it wasn’t. However, the first week was benefitting nevertheless. I learnt where the tricky parts are and what I need to do, to go further. First of all – learn more about vegan cooking. Get more recipes!

I can’t do much about the fact I can’t eat wheat, rye and barley. But hopefully – and probably – I can eat oats again when I’ve skipped at least the eggs for ever.

Why I say eggs here, and not fat, is because I think eggs with all that protein and other stuff that is provided for the growth of a chicken embryo, are worse for me health wise than butter. Okay! Butter is fat, but it’s only fat! Especially if I make ghee.

Before I go any further here, I must confess something. The day before yesterday, after I had given up, when shopping food I also bought a whole carton of eggs. 24 eggs! I also bought a small package of sliced salami, but I restrained my urge to buy anything else that comes from an animal. And yesterday, when I paid a hasty visit to Ikea, I bought two hot dogs (plain, no bread) and a cup of coffee on my way out. The cheapest “fika” we can get around here. Hehe… 😀 And no sugar whatsoever… HAHAHA!

Okay! I admit! I shouldn’t have done any of that, but I felt both relief and some kind of defiance inside me. Like: HA! You can’t forbid me anything! I can do whatever I want, including eating eggs, sausages and fat. HA!

Later yesterday, I checked my biking-log and got pepped.

I realized I had remembered wrongly the date of a specific event. Which in return had gotten me in the wrong direction.

In this log I enter how far I have biked, and some comment on where. I also, sometimes, make a brief comment on other things. Like, the weather, was it hard or easy to bike, did I meet someone, did I have a “bad day” or a good?

For Friday July 14th, I have written “ate the last two eggs”. I also remember the day I made this 2 hours long biking/walking tour along the seaside, through the forest/park. I felt so at ease that day! Like some burdon had left me. It was easy to walk along that 1,6km narrow path, and bike the rest of the way when the path was more suited for biking. In my memory I did this on the day after, on Saturday 15th, and therefore – I contemplated – the eggs per se had nothing to do with my muscle problems, stiffness, fatigue etc. I mean, at least no allergy or food sensitiveness. How could it, since I hadn’t experienced any positive enhancements during the period of two weeks when I finished the first 4 remaining eggs! (I had 6 eggs left when I made the decision to go totally vegan).

I had remembered wrongly! I had taken a bike-ride that Saturday, but only downtown for a while. This walk/bike trip was on Monday the 17th!!! So, first the period of fewer eggs, and then another 2 days without any at all! The newly energized I, could, after all, very well be due to the growing lack of egg residues in my body! After all, I used to consume 2 -4 eggs every day earlier!!!
(Can a lack of something grow? 😉 )

So! Yes! It was stupid of me to buy those eggs the other day, but understandable. I won’t be angry with myself. Just learn from it.

What I’ll do now?

Well! I’ll go a bit slower for the rest of these 21 days. I’ll keep the butter for the time being, only try to use less of it. And eggs I’ll avoid totally, but know I have the option to have some. Won’t forbid me! If something you’re used to is forbidden, it’s hard to think of something else. The eggs can be there as a Plan B if everything else seems hopeless! And meanwhile, I’ll work on gathering recipes with appealing vegan courses – that doesn’t involve wheat.

Actually! I feel really pepped to avoid eggs totally hereafter, so things that might appear harsh at the moment, might very well have been a blessing in disguise.

And the salami, did I eat it all?
No, I didn’t. It was a small package, 120 grams only, but I have eaten some of it, and put the rest of it in the freezer divided in servings of 3 slices. They can serve as a treat some times. 😀


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