The last supper

Well, the last dinner with eggs anyway. Some kind of pancake-omelette thing, and afterwards I almost regretted choosing that for dinner. It would have been much tastier to have those two eggs in some kind of cake instead.

But now all eggs are gone! For ever? Probably. But I only plan for these first three weeks now. Three weeks with only low fat, high carb food – and see what happens. How I feel.

I’m planning on writing a bit more properly about what this way of eating actually means. I can’t just pop in videos about it, even though that helps a lot. And it certainly helps me a lot to keep on being pepped and to get recipes and such.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I wanted to sit on the patio to write a blogpost, but my MaxBookPro needed a recharge so I brought the iPad instead. And I wrote! A medium long post, I would say. And I added a photo. All that went well. Then I added a featured image – and the wordpress app chrashed!!!

The entire post just vanished since wordpress has no automatic savings for the app.

I knew I hated to use the app for writing and publishing posts. Do it very rarely, and every time there is something….. that makes me irritated or even cross. This time I got really, really cross, since it was a good post!

Should I delete that app or not…

And doesn’t this looks really good. I took a screen clip from Forks over Knives on Instagram. They hav sooooo many delicious recipes! And good information
Do pay them a visit on their homepage:


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