Getting afraid?

The movement towards a (more) plantbased eating is scaring the hell out of those industries that earns money on us who are hooked on these drugs that makes you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is another eye-opening movie you can watch on Netflix).

Of course they don’t want us to go vegan! They’ll do anything and everything to keep the money-flow in to their pockets! But milk, cheese et cetera is NOT good for your heart! And you don’t get calcium that way either. Your body is unable to process that calcium and benefit from it.

Drugs? Yes! Dairy products, especially cheese since it’s highly concentrated, contains not only these fatty, salty, gooey tastes that we find so delicious and unresistable, but also hormones and something called casomorphines which is highly addictive.

This is not only good, it’s necessary when it comes to babies feeding, whether it’s a human baby or a calf. They have to eat, sleep and prosper, and are weaned in due time. Or is supposed to, but instead we humans jump to cows milk. We are actually feeding from cows! Can it be worse?

And I’m sure of, that you some time or another have been drinking warm milk at night to be able to fall asleep!

Watch these videos about Dairy products: here and here


3 responses to “Getting afraid?

  • NinnaO

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    Just a piece on the dairy industry prospering on our health, or rather – lack of health


  • kayrpea61

    Maybe they mean low fat cheese. There are some good things in dairy after all.


    • NinnaO

      It can taste good sometimes, I admit that. But I hav’nt eaten cheese for many years now, but I think I remember.

      There are no good whatsoever about cheese (nor milk et cetera). We are just told so, because others thought so a long time ago. And then there was money who dictated the process. And there is money now, talking against better knowledge.


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