Nature’s calling

During the past week I’ve been occupying myself looking for information about how health relates to food. Since the acupuncture treatment tumbles me around (and not only my body), I felt I also had to update my food habits.

This isn’t the first time I occupy myself with the concept of food and health. It has always been an interest of mine. And I don’t eat badly! But is it enough? Do I eat well enough!

I am hypersensitive to gluten, wheat and such which I haven’t even touched for almost 20 years. I can’t eat dairy products either, and rarely cheat. And if I cheat, then only with a dash of creme fraiche/sour cream. I never ever cheat by eating cheese. (Milk is for the calves, and should absolutely not be consumed by humans. It’s not good for us!)

But that isn’t the main reason why I now turn to eat only plant based, I do that because I find that a low fat vegan diet is the best way to keep healthy and at the same time don’t unnecessarily waste the resources we have on this earth.
Plus! I think plant based food tastes so much better, and makes me feel satisfied in a much more comforting way! My stomach loves it! My body loves it!

I am already almost vegan, and have been for quite some time. I still do eat meet or fish once in a while, mostly when I visit someone and don’t have much of an alternative, but at home my weakness is that I still eat a lot of eggs. And probably too much butter.

So this week I’ve spent a lot of time in front of movies on Netflix like ” What the Health!”, ”Fat, sick and nearly dead”, ”Forks over knives”, ”Foodmatters” and others like them. I also have been watching a lot of videos on Youtube, and all this is very pepping and inspiring.

And all these doctors that actually has knowledge about how important the choice of Food is for the Health! Can’t say I’m used to that. On the contrary. Doctors in general know almost nothing about vitamins and minerals, about fat and protein, and how that affekts the health. But on the internet we can listen to Caldwell Esselstyne, Rip Esselstyne, Neil Barnard, John MacDougall and many more. It’s wonderful to see and hear all these engaged and competent people.

I had difficulties which video to choose, but you know… once you’ve started…

All these guys can talk and and write about this much better then I can. Especially today, well this week, I have had som some trouble concentrate on writing. Despite my lack of words right now, I’m not a total beginner when it comes to healthy eating. I already know a lot about how all this works.

What my personal challenges are right now, is to learn more vegan cooking. I know about nutrition, I know what kind of food I should and should not eat, but I need more inspiration, more recipes, more variations of how to cook all the veggies, legumes and grains! As it is now, I get bored and feel like I only eat mixed sallads, lentil soups with chili and tomatoes, and bean casseroles.

I also need to get used to not having eggs in my fridge any longer (there are only two more to go now…), and also want to learn more about how to prepare food without frying in butter. As a starter I have ordered a rice-cooker (on internet) where you also can steam vegetables. At the same time as the rice is cooking. That’s good!

It will take some times to get used to less fat, and how to spice the food differently. Not so much salt any longer…
And for Vitamine B 12, (and other vitamins and minerals) I’ll start over again with Spirulina.

I know I’ll write more about this topic from time to time. It’s so huge, and there is so much more to tell, but for now it seems like my thoughts can’t quite grasp the issue. Or the words. I’ve been working on this draft like forever…

What I didn’t know, is that I should start to write about nutrition in this blog, about food-matters! And in English! (not my native language…)

But I doubt this will be the only topic this blog will be moving around in… call me versatile…



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