Life is good

Last Thursday I had my second treatment of acupuncture. And gosh what reactions I got! I had a couple more needles this time, pierced onto different parts of my body for 15 minutes instead of 10.

But those 15 minutes were all right. I lay comfortably on the couch and felt how I slowly became more and more relaxed. Then I biked home, had something to eat… and then I became deadly tired. Which lingered on the next day… and the next… and I’m still more tired than I was before that treatment. Okay! Not as bad as in the beginning, but still…

The pain and odd stiffness in my back enhanced, and so did my stomach problems. Both of it into an almost unbearable status. I realised among other things, that I have quite a case of  gastritis. And that can feel really nasty.

Reactions to treatments like this is good. It shows that the treatment helps, that the body starts to heal. I just think it was a little bit too much reactions since I was kind of off the world for several days, and still suffer from them.

That was a week ago and today I had my third appointment. I told the therapist about the reactions, she asked me questions about them, and then we talked for a while. All the stress I’ve been living in for so many years has now started to slowly pour out through my pores, figuratively speaking. Okay! Literally speaking as well. Not only thanks to the acupuncture sessions I’ve been through now, it started in a minor way already when I at last became a retiree, 18 months ago, and then increased hugely after I moved back home, 5 months ago. All the positive circumstances that have risen since my move, and continue to rise, also forces the stressful circumstances I’ve been through during the years in “exile” to rise and start to overwhelm me.
(I can’t find a better word. They have overwhelmed me.)

Then the acupuncture sessions have started to affect me even more.

Happy happy me!!! That’s really good! And despite the fact I feel like sh**, I also now know my body is slowly healing. I just have to accept the Now as it is, and calmly endure this period. And yes – it has to take the slow road, to take all the time it needs.


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