Needles at work

A couple of days ago, I had an appointment for an acupuncture session . It was my first time ever, and I admit – I was a bit nervous. That, despite the fact I know quite a lot about the why’s and how’s connected to this field of expertis. I have always been interested in the concept health, food and different kinds of therapeutic techniques. I have learnt and can work as reflexologist, some kind of “cousin” to acupuncture and acupressure, and have also read and learnt about reiki and other varieties of massages, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, et cetera.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help myself having butterflies in my stomach that morning. I didn’t know the therapist, what would she be like as a person? I didn’t know for how long time I would by lying on the couch. Would it hurt? How many needles would she plunge into various parts of my body? Would I have to undress? Would I have to be lying on my stomach?

Nothing awkward appeared. First we just talked. Personal data and why I was there. What were my problems.  And when she finally got around to pierce needles into my skin, there were not many of them. One in the middle of my forehead, two or maybe three at the edge of my right ear and one at the edge of the left, and finally one needle on the backside of my right forearm.

We were talking a lot, but everything was calm and nice. Then when all the necessary needles were where they should be, she left me for ten minutes just to lie there in peace and quiet. Letting the energy stream do its work. I could, she told me, the next time bring something so I could listen to music of my choice while lying there with the needles.

Well! Ten minutes didn’t bother me at all, but how would it feel with 20 minutes with absolute stillness? At home when I meditate or relax in some way, I have no problems with that. But on a therapists couch? In a dull room? I guess that would be a bit of a challenge. At least the first few times.

Afterwards, when she took out the needles, it started to bleed from the minuscule spot at the forearm. She explained the energy points lies very close to the peripheral blood vessels; and when one moves, a needle might penetrate such a vessel. And I did move both my arms to let the hands rest on my stomach.

She said I would get a bruise.

And I did get one. A quite big one for such a small needle! I guess the blood vessel was the more potent here. Luckily it’s begun turning green now.
Ain’t I a beauty! 😀

And I certainly needed some coffee afterwards… healthy or not healthy…


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