Bean burgers & Wok

The burgers are made of big white beans which I boiled about 5 minutes extra and mashed with butter, salt and a pinch of finely grounded blackpepper. Some liquid might be needed, I used the boiling water, but be careful! The mash is as its best when firm!

This and veggies I had for dinner one day. The next day, I mixed the leftover mash with about the same amount sticky cooked rise and a tablespoon of teff flour and rice flour. Spiced the mix to taste and fried burgers in coconut oil.


The green is what here in Sweden is called black-cabbage. Svartkål. It must be a kind of kale, dark green in color and chewier than the lighter green variety. It’s soooo good for the health!!!!!
I chopped it thinly and fried it in olive oil for a couple of minutes on fairly high temperature. Spiced it with salt, black pepper and lemon juice. It was soooo delicious!
The cherry tomatoes was also fried on high temperature for a short time. They have to be hot all the way through, of course, and starting to get nice color and getting cracks in the skin from the heat. No extra spices are needed! Unless you want to.

When in the store I got the suggestion to cook the kale with some cream and than add parmesan cheese when serving it. But I never even touch anything any longer that is made from milk! But I have this yeast-product at home for the richness of vitamin B, which can be used instead of parmesan on pasta and other courses, and the taste and texture actually reminds very much of parmesan. Tastes even better! I was never fond of parmesan.


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