Smoothie in red

Some time ago I started to go through my pictures. The folder “food” contained a lot of courses, cakes and “goodies”. I realized I cooked and baked a lot more before I moved into the apartment where I live now. I guess it’s a very good thing in many ways, that I’m soon going to move out. Not only because of the cooking and baking. Or rather – the lack of…

This delicious smoothie is thick, rich and creamy. I remember banana, strawberries and blueberries. Probably also blackberries or cherries. Certainly some cashew nuts. And I also always use to add some fresh lemon juice in my fruit and berry smoothies.

Mixed and served with whipped rich cream! Or preferably – and nowadays – coconut cream. I don’t eat any dairies any longer. Isn’t good for my health.




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